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Our sister site, CrapHOST aims to take a bite out of the major corporation web hosts out there that take advantage of small business owners, individuals, and entrepreneurs. Offering 24/7 support and prices that undercut every competitor (price match guarantee!), CrapHOST is the best place to host “all the good shit.”

If you’re not keen on web hosting and don’t have time to get acquainted with the daunting experience of it all, let CrapHOST handle it for you. Women interested in getting started on the web with a blog or anything else are eligible for a discount, as an incentive to continue to grow a world of equality and opportunity for women.

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Use the code “ForWomen” at checkout on CrapHOST and save on any plan. Try the service for free by taking a 45-Day Test Drive, and then get ready to take advantage of a server built to make the web a bigger place for women.

You can’t lose – CrapHOST and Broad List want to be a force of good. The more success you have on our services, the better for the world. If you’re not sure, need more information, or want to know how you can make your woman-owned business have a presence on the web, just send an email!