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In tune with being “for Women, by Women,” Broad List’s primary goal is to promote unity and togetherness for women – consistently growing to provide a service that enables a culture with that mindset. The Broad List Job Board is a small testament to laying the groundwork of connecting women from all walks of life.

Companies placing employment ads are vetted to the highest degree. They exemplify the 12 Principles of Protyping a Feminist Business, and are first and foremost owned or operated by women. You won’t find major corporation postings here, and you won’t find employers that aren’t looking for employees without these same ideals.

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Are you a woman-owned or operated business? Do you prioritize your ethics to match your business goals? Broad List is the perfect place for you to find an employee with an ethos in tune with your dreams. Our applicants exist all over the world, striving to make the world a better place in their own way. We accept businesses with remote or local positions in any career field, with a small set of guidelines to meet our standards.

1: Does your business hone the 12 principles for prototyping a feminist business?
2: Can your business be verified as a woman-owned or operated business?
3: Does your open position provide equal opportunities for women?
4: Will your open position commit to equal pay for women?

These guidelines aren’t intended to be a wall between having a position to be filled and finding an applicant. They’re basic requests so your applicants and your business can mutually know each other, share the same values, and will provide an environment that honors each other.

All you need to do to get your position on the job board is as follows:

1: Make an account
2: Post your job
3: Pay for your listing
3: Wait for review
4: If your business or position can’t be verified on the guidelines above, you will be contacted to provide further details
5: Wait for applicants

We operate within key circles of women-first individuals and circulate our postings via marketing emails, social media ads, and word of mouth. We use proprietary A/B testing to ensure that your job is sent to a list of applicants that are both relevant and interested. For the service to match with hundreds of women, it’s free for applicants, but paid for by employers as a token of good faith. There are no guarantees that you will find your next employee through Broad List, but even just sharing your open position will display your dedication to a future that is female.


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There are no resumes or accounts to be made on Broad List as a potential applicant. Your information isn’t stored anywhere and your privacy is paramount. Each job listing will either provide you with a direct email to reach out to or a specialized link to apply.

This ensures that you, the applicant won’t be approached by recruiters, won’t be harassed by spam, and will feel secure in working with Broad List to procure your next gig.

Once you find a job that sounds like the right fit, all you have to do is apply! Make sure your resume and cover letter are primed for the job and get ready to be a part of a female-focused future.

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