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Broad List aims to bring public content on the web to a single location with a focus on women’s interests, goals, and inspiration. It populates the blog with news and videos together, while sharing aggregated stories across social media to reach a wide audience of interested people.

As an automated service, sometimes sources may publish content that is less than favorable – while this is never the intention of Broad List or its subsidiaries, sometimes it happens. We are happy to evaluate our sources and the content we share as necessary, and you should never feel like the entertainment you seek isn’t for you anymore. Send us an email! Let’s talk.

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Our platform operates on all major social media platforms, constantly updates, and is regularly maintained. Be a part of a network of women on of any of our sites, and a feature on our main hub. Be a part of a mutually beneficial relationship and get your content on our platform!

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It’s important to credit those who provide art to us, and especially important to ensure we adhere to Creative Commons rules about what images we can use, where, and when. All of our images on this site are sourced from Unsplashed. If you are an artist who’s work we’ve featured, please reach out to us about how we can better serve your images!