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Y O U R  H O M E  B A S E

for Women, by Women

Broad List is a celebration of all things woman. There’s no limitations for women – we learn, grow, play, and power through life in an array of interests that show no bounds – and it’s time to celebrate them! We take pride in searching the depths of the internet for the world’s greatest inspirations – sans stereotypes, negativity, disparagement and bad attitudes.

Be the best you can be, because Broad List is here for women, by women.

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Operated by Women

In tune with being “for Women, by Women,” Broad List’s primary goal is to promote unity and togetherness for women – consistently growing to provide a service that enables a culture with that mindset. The Broad List Job Board is a small testament to laying the groundwork of connecting women from all walks of life.

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I N T E R E S T S  Y O U  C A R E  A B O U T

from Around the World

We aggregate news from around the web. Our interests align with those of all women, putting a focus on the extremely diverse and wonderful lives we lead, unhindered by stereotypes or negative tropes. Our posts only highlight the many places around the ‘net qualified to bring you amazing content, and we always encourage further reading!

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